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Cottage Chronicles

Learn a little about the history of Croftville, Croftville Road, the Croftville Road Cottages property, and Croftville Road Cottages itself.

This diary gives a brief description of the lake each day here on Croftville Road. The intent is to give the readers a glimpse into Lake Superior's many faces and seasons.

Whether you enjoy more solitary and quiet activities or the excitement and bustle of the "coolest  small town in America", this webpage can direct you towards what you are looking for.

See photos of the property from the 1970's, the property's condition when the Chmeliks moved in in 2003, the reconstruction of the original 3 cottages in 2004-2006, and the ongoing improvements including the renovation of the house beginning in 2011.

See the site plans, elevations, and floorplans for the 3-phase expansion plan started in 2011. The plan includes renovating the house into the main inn for the resort, 3 new lakeside cottages, and a laundry/garage/shop. The main inn will include the office, living quarters for the Chmeliks, and 5 vacation units with private entrances.

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