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Cottage Chronicles
Lake Superior Diary

About the Lake Superior Diary...

Teresa and I have lived right next to this lake since 2003. This diary was an idea I had for a long time but have never got around to implementing until January 2012. My plan is to give a brief description of the lake each day. My intent is to get an inkling of just how many faces Superior has and how rapidly those expressions change. This diary idea started when I recognized that my experience living next to Superior was quite different than my experience growing up and visiting the lake a few times a year. My vacation memories of Superior in the summer was of foggy days where I couldn't see the lake unless hiking along the shore. I love experiencing Lake Superior that way but I quickly realized it is by no means the dominant summer face as I had expected.

The diary idea continued to build as I gazed with Teresa at this icy cold body of water in the winter. I was genuinely surprised to find that in our exposed location, ice on the lake usually does not begin to form until mid to late February. Once it does begin to form, I was fascinated with how quickly it can go from no ice at all to ice as far as you can see and vice versa. I would like to let the diary give you a sense of what Lake Superior looks like here on Croftville Road. I hope the contents will give readers a glimpse into Lake Superior's many faces through the seasons.

                                             Mike Chmelik

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