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Cottage Chronicles
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The Inn Starts to Take Shape...

Get a glimpse of the Croftville Road Cottages property before it was purchased by the Chmeliks in July 2003.

(7 slides from 1970's through 1990's)

Unoccupied since 1993, the property had fallen into disrepair in 2003. Moving in required a major clean out and cleanup followed by repairs to make the house and property liveable.

(9 slides from 2003)

What began as improvements to make the cottages rentable became a complete reconstruction of the cottages with all new infrastructure. Watch the transformation of the cottages through this process.

(25 slides from 2004-2007)

With the opening of Croftville Road Cottages in January 2007, projects continued to make the house more comfortable and access to the lake better as we learned to be resort owners and made future plans.

(8 slides from 2007-2010)

With blueprints for the inn in progress, the first order of business was to secure temporary living quarters and deconstruct the old house.

(208 slides from 2011-2013)

While work on the foundation for The Inn begins, simultaneously the excavation work for a new massive septic system, new well lines, and electrical services is also underway.

(107 slides from 2013)

Groundbreaking for The Inn began in August 2013. Watch the progress as excavating begins, pieces of the old foundation are saved, the new foundation walls go up, and the concrete basement floor is poured.

(145 slides from 2013)

The framing begins to go up in spite of the snow, the bitter cold, the ice, and the rain. Through all of this the shape and layout of The Inn starts to take shape.

(184 slides from 2013-2014)

Watch as the building is made weathertight. Observe the installation of the roof, windows, and siding. See the concrete porch floors poured.

(102 slides from 2014)

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